GREETING from ‘TEAM 2015-2018’

Assalamualaikum and Warm Greetings.

First and foremost, on behalf of the new main committee line-up, I would like to humbly extend our deepest appreciation to all fellow SI Malaysia (KABESA) members who have continuously displayed the true spirit of SSEAYP Family over the years by standing strong with SI Malaysia.

As many knows, SI Malaysia (KABESA) had recently concluded a back-to-back Annual General Meeting and Main Committee Election on 26 and 27 December 2015. While it was fairly a heartwarming weekend to the members who attended, the excitement gained during the week leading to the AGM and Election was unprecedented. Thanks to the bold effort from the previous main committee, who chose to start utilizing social media and electronic communication more seriously than ever.

For those who have been following closely the news of SI Malaysia (KABESA), one cannot discard the fact that our beloved organisation had gone through numerous challenges. Likewise to the rest of our brothers and sisters across the region, I believe it is inevitable that SI Malaysia (KABESA) would have to go through a transformation period so we could keep our organisation strong and relevant to all members as well as stakeholders.

To mark our starting journey as the SI Malaysia Main Committee new line up, we would like to thank all the members who have came forward, campaigned and supported our aspirations both directly or indirectly during the AGM and Election week. For those who took extra effort by taking time off and travelled from afar to be present during the AGM and Election weekend, we do highly regard your passion and commitment; in the spirit of being exPYs. We would want everyone to know that we listen to every single concern as well as wish from the members, as we begin to exercise the trust and responsibility handed over by the members to us.

Lastly, on behalf of the SI Malaysia, let us all congratulate and express thanks and gratitude to the previous Main Committee members of SI Malaysia for all the effort and hardwork done, despite of all the limitation and challenges faced throughout their duty from 2012 until 2015. They have done a good job.

As I stated in my short remarks after taking over the baton from the previous line up on the 27 December 2015, I seek support and cooperation from all members to ensure that not only of the survival of SI Malaysia, but also to bring our organisation back on the right track for the benefits of all.

For your infomation, we have established Members Database Team with an immediate effect. We would like to have whereabout data of all our members till todate. My team strive to update the members data as early as first batch from year 1974. I need your little favour on this, please communicate with us via our official email at or complete the database online form at, please provide us with your basic informations. Please do disseminate this request to all your other batchmates and friends from other batches. My advance gratitude to you for this efforts. Your small help will make a big difference in our great SI Malaysia family.

My team had already geared up mentally and physically to do their best for SIM family. We are ready with our commitments. All you have to do is to stay united and give us your best supports and contributions. Insyallah, we will excel together.

We hope that 2016 would mark a better future for all of us. May 2016 will be more properous year then before.

HAPPY NEW YEAR from ‘TEAM 2015-2018’.

Wassalam and Best Regards,
Abdul Muthalif Said Mohamad